Are you a successful entrepreneur? Who’s ready for the next level? The Leaders Performance Program is an accelerated growth program based on different successful principles. By new scientific insights, consciousness, reflection and coaching we will improve your self-efficacy which results in a higher return, not only for your business but also for your life!

Grow to a new level now.


Success does not only mean a thriving career. It also means good health, a strong mindset, and a loving family. To be able to maintain what you have and to grow further, you have to be both physically and mentally fit, and to continuously work on your development as a leader, a businessman and a human being in general. The Leaders Performance Program is built up in four steps:


Vitality forms the basis of success, both physical and mental resilience are of fundamental importance in personal transformations. Once you sell your business you should be able to appreciate and enjoy this period, instead of recovering from the hard work you’ve been doing your whole life.


Who are you? What do you stand for? Which old patterns works in or against your favor? When you know how bad habits are created, it's possible to not only break these patterns, but also reprogram and evolve your brain, so that new, positive, and beneficial habits can take over.


LEADERSHIP Based on a DNA-test we detect your natural style of leadership, gain more insight into yourself and relationships, both private and business. By measuring different genes, we’re able to detect your natural leadership style. If you start to understand yourself better, there’s more room to understand others.


Now that you’re more vital, know who you are and implemented your style of leadership, it’s time to take your business to the next level! We reflect you to the highest degree every single time to generate the maximum profit.

Earn your leadership every day

Every person with an ambition for growth needs the right guidance, how important is this for you?

The answer lies in how eager you are to accomplish your goals and grow in all aspects of life, personal, professional and financial. You may have the best intentions but lack of consistency to keep going, this is because you have a false perception of how tough the journey is.


"The core purpose was professional development and financial growth for my company. I started working with Lionel to form a clearer picture about the kind of steps I needed to take to achieve my goals quickly and permanently. As a coach, Lionel is constantly involved in your journey, he’s highly efficient and confrontational. He really speaks his mind and put you on the right path in achieving your objectives. During the process, I learnt a lot about myself, got rid of a couple of major limiting beliefs and learnt to be an effective entrepreneur, able to empower others. This choice was good for the business, too."


Directrice, Daniëls Openhaarden

"I would describe Lionel as an intensely, direct and confrontational person. He will force you to enhance your skills, unburdening yourself and test your limits. This process increased my self-awareness and enhanced self-confidence to navigate managerial dilemmas. I would recommend the coaching Lionel because he empowers people and makes them more aware of how they function and operate professionally and as a person."

Hans van Berghem

Manager Underwriting & Broking, Post & Co

"When I started Lionel’s coaching sessions, i faced some important choices and consequences, I realized I needed some guidance to do this. Lionel is very consistent, connected and has a direct way of communication. He distinguishes himself by building bridges between efficiency and focus, he doesn't tolerate any nonsense. This gave me the courage to go against the current, so I started up my own company. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend this coaching process, you’re confronted with yourself and your beliefs, it puts things in motion."

Jitteke Blussé

Advocaat, Caland Advocaten

"Because our company is growing, the desire and challenge arose to take further steps in the field of social and leadership. I therefore teamed up with Lionel because he allows you to look at yourself and the habits that have been created by the people in a different and surprising way. have crept in over the years. He deals with this in a professional manner and helps you to grow mentally and managerially. I have come to know Lionel as skilled, driven and ambitious. He distinguishes himself from other coaches because he is straight for his turnip tells it like it is and demands from the person he guides to be driven to achieve the intended goals.The process has given me a clearer view and a different view of myself, which has made me more aware of what it takes to grow in the leadership of my business in my personal development, so I can definitely recommend Lionel as a coach."

Rene Hogerheide

DGA, H2i isolatie bv

A Mentor For The Leaders

Lionel Eersteling is an entrepreneur and a high performance leadership and business mentor. Lionel started his career as a professional football player. Inspired by his love for sport, but also by the desire to help others reach their highest potential, he founded the Bodymentors High Performance & Health Institute, one of the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

This is why he created an entire ecosystem - the Leaders Performance Program - to help entrepreneurs and business owners perform at their highest level and reach heights that not even they thought were possible. You too can be one of the greatest. Leadership is not a title. It’s a behavior. Live it.

“Leaders don’t create more followers,
they create more leaders.”